How To Use A Hookah

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How To Use A Hookah. Insert the bottom of the hookahsteminto the top of thehookah baseand fit the metal plate over the top of the stem. Can you put hookah coals in the microwave.

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There is a bowl at the top of the Hookah tube in which tobacco is placed. Use aluminum foil to cover the top of the bowl. Using a hose the smoke is directed into the water and then rises up through a port to give the user a flavored smoke that makes the experience awesome.

The water level should be such that it covers just a few centimeters of the tube.

You must only wash the hose if its made from waterproof materials like silicone and plastic. The fitting should be airtight. The heat warms up the tobacco which produces smoke. Fit the shaft onto the base and the hoses into the holes on the side of the shaft.