How to Determine The Best Size of a Pressure Washer

How to Determine The Best Size of a Pressure Washer

High Pressure washers come in different sizes. By sizes, we're not talking about the physical size of the pressure washer. Instead, we are focusing on the capacity of the pressure washer. The fact that you need a pressure washer is already a clear indication that you have a need for it. For instance, let's assume that you love to clean your garage every three months. Cleaning this garage with your ability is not only a daunting task; it's one that will affect your health. Not only will you be wasting a lot of time and energy, but you may also end up not getting the area as clean as you desire.

With a pressure washer, the story changes. You get to clean faster than you expect, and at the very least, the cleaning precision is better. Before you start cleaning with the pressure washer, you need first to buy a good pressure washer. There's really no standard for a good pressure washer. As long as you're getting the pressure washer from a company with a clean reputation, there is a high chance that you get a great pressure washer. The pressure washer is working doesn't mean it's suitable for the purpose you need it. A suitable pressure washer is the one that has the capacity to provide what you need. In this guide, we'll describe how to determine the best size of pressure washer for you.

Identify the cleaning purposes

When considering the size of the pressure washer you want to buy, you need first to determine what you're cleaning. Pressure washers come in different sizes, and the sizes are used for diverse purposes. You can't have a bug pressure washer and use it for fragile surfaces, except you'll damage the surface. Also, in a case where you have a smaller pressure washer, it won't clean hard surfaces as a big one will.

Understand the struggles of the cleaning job

There are some locations in your home that your hands can't reach easily while you're cleaning. However, these locations require thorough cleaning. For such locations, a small or big pressure washer will get to the place. But because of the hard stains at such sites, your small pressure washer may not get the job done. Instead, a big pressure washer will do a better position to ensure such locations are clean.

Determine how frequently you'll need the pressure washer

When pressure washing, you need to have a stipulated frequency. With a small pressure washer, you'll have to wash more frequently because it won't deal with stains thoroughly. Instead, using a bigger pressure washer will reduce the amount of time your pressure washer needs to work.

Understand the different PSI levels

Pounds per square inch is the primary measure of a pressure washer size. If the pressure has a high Psi, it means the force at which it uses to wash the surface is increased. Therefore, you'll be cleaning surfaces faster and more effectively. Also, you'll be saving the health of your pressure washer through such procedures.


Getting the right size of pressure washer isn't easy, especially if you don't have any experience. The steps in this article should guide you in choosing the right size for pressure washers.