Reviving the Classics: A Modern Take on Box Mod Design in Vaping

Reviving the Classics: A Modern Take on Box Mod Design in Vaping

Box mods have reigned supreme in the vaping game for a very long time, and every veteran of vaping will say the same fact. Known for having the highest raw performance in power draw for cloud chasing up to the best aesthetics, the box mod has it all. However, as time changes, every vaper tends to have more challenging demands and needs, such as a far more convenient vaping experience and an ergonomic grip that is versatile for both indoor and outdoor use. These evolutions amongst vapers in the vaping community caused not only box mods but other vaping mods as well to lose their popularity, making pods and disposable vapes the new faces of vaping today. But one vape brand took a bold step to resurrect a legend of vaping and introduce it back to the modern vaping community. Will it be a big W or a big sore L? Stick around until the end to find out more.

The Nostalgic Vaping Grip

Many vapers fell in love with box mods because of their grip. The chunky box design made it easier to handle while vaping and also gave the user some sort of "superiority feel" as it could be gripped tightly. The grip feel of a box mod also made vapers forget the memories of smoking a cigarette since it shares a far different grip when being used, unlike using a vape pen. But the same chunky design became its downfall over the course of the years, losing its popularity among vapers. Most especially when pods and disposable vapes were introduced into the vaping game, the popularity of these two new vaping devices spread like wildfire in the vaping community. Smaller, lighter, cheaper, easier to carry everywhere, and almost had no maintenance needs. Pods and disposable vapes mostly come in the form of a vape pen; although there are some brands that offer a "box type" design, nothing comes close to the great grip of a legendary box mod. Until CALIBURN & IRONFIST L arrived and changed the game.

The same Vaping Concept but New Ergonomic Feel

The CALIBURN & IRONFIST L is a pod system that truly resembles the nostalgic grip of an authentic box mod better compared to other box-type pods and disposable vapes out there. At first glance, this vaping device looks like a squonk, a type of box mod that was very popular back in the day. The bright minds behind this creation are the brand UWELL, and they are not kidding when they say "legend renewed." The brand omitted the chunky design of the typical box mod and made it more ergonomically fitted to modern vaping needs and demands. And since this is a pod, there will be no complicated maintenance needed, unlike the box mods of the past. There will be no need to build coils from scratch, choose the right pair of batteries, worry if the resistance gauge is correct, and so on. With the CALIBURN & IRONFIST L, vapers can truly enjoy reliving the greatness of vaping with box mods without worrying about the hassle it has caused in the past.

Advantages Over Other Pods

This beast also comes with awesome features that can overtake the existing pods out there. Starting with the most obvious one, ease of use when putting it on a flat surface Vape pens are known to have a hard time leaving them on a flat surface, like a table, in an upward position, and when they are laid flat, they roll over and plummet straight to the ground. Some "box-type" pods and disposable vapes are not too great either, as they have some sort of curvy edge. But the CALIBURN & IRONFIST L have no problems at all, whether they are placed on a flat surface facing upward or sideways. There is no risk of stumbling or falling, ruining the device itself. Next is the tank capacity. It has a way bigger capacity compared to most pods out there, eliminating the painstaking process of consistent e-liquid refilling for on-the-go use. The tank is compatible with the Caliburn G and G2 coil series, and boy, do they shine the brightest with this one. It almost feels like this is the very tank that this series of coils has been waiting for for ages. Last but not least is the metallic box body that has the sweet spot for its weight—not too heavy or too light—for that nostalgic box mod feel that is truly unique and has not been achieved by existing pods and disposable vapes out there.